Friday, April 12, 2013

An Introduction of Sorts

I'm going to write about movies, okay?

It's not going to be a run of the mill review blog where I hand out stars or turkeys or severed thumbs to movies. That's not my style, playa. The very next post I'm going to make is an essay I wrote about Agnes Varda's Vagabond. It's not a review but how I understand the movie using a concept from David Lynch's Lost Highway as a starting point. That kind of stuff, you see?

There will be spoilers in a lot of what I write because I want to discuss all of the movie, not around the movie. So if you haven't seen Disney's Beauty & The Beast yet, watch it before you read what I write about it. I recommend the original theatrical cut, not the extended edition. The extra songs muck up the pacing, and they're not that great anyway.

I'd love for this to become a dialogue about movies, too. That's a goal,anyway. You can comment here and on any post I make - I encourage it. If I get enough interest I'll even let readers control my Netflix Queue. It's an idea that sounds both fun and petrifying - but I'm getting ahead of myself. For all I know, no one will read this and it'll just become my own public diary about movies - which is probably the best way to describe it anyway.

Fun Fact: I named my son after David Bowie's character in the Labyrinth.

Oh and you can hit me up on the twitter: @jaekrenfrow
Or not. No pressure.

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